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'Long Story Short' & 'Right Side of Rock' Podcasts

Weekdays · 7:00am to 7:30am

About 'Long Story Short' & 'Right Side of Rock' Podcasts

Fresh new content weekly, wherever you listen to podcasts! Listen to 'Long Story Short with Liz Callaway' and 'Right Side of Rock with Nick Summers'

Long Story Short with Liz Callaway

What’s The Long Story Short with Liz Callaway podcast all about? Well, after doing her radio talk show every weekday morning on TALK 94.5 FM, she spends the weekend contemplating all the things we’ve been through as a nation and as a community. She starts to connect all the dots and does more research. Sometimes she has an epiphany. Other times, she has an all out “Lizzie Fit!” Long Story Short, this podcast is about what pisses her off. If you’re on the right side of things, you’ll appreciate her point of view. If not, well, maybe you’ll learn something. Episodes every Tuesday on Apple, Google Play, and Spotify. 

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